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Celware Integrated Development Environment

Enterprise-class TeraDact products provide a complete software development platform for users to design, implement, and deploy new information integration and extraction capabilities that:

  • Allow IT staff to create new functionality and automated processes using existing legacy systems and data sources, without intrusive modification of those existing systems
  • Integrate data across boundaries of organizations and information stakeholders

Part of the integrated TeraDact solution, Celware is the first commercially available technology that incorporates automated reasoning into an enterprise-class integration platform.

The Celware integrated development environment provides capabilities for modeling activities and for creating new processes involving the interaction of existing systems including:

  • Email
  • SQL databases
  • File systems
  • Scripting
  • Terminal systems
  • Internet-accessible and web enabled systems
  • Any application with a programmatic interface

Architecturally, Celware consists of recorders to automate the collection of knowledge about existing systems, a model definition and editing environment, and a server. The combination provides a complete information access solution that facilitates the implementation of new automated services for retrieving, analyzing, updating, and publishing information from existing systems and data sources.

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