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Identifies and tags sensitive portions of documents using automatic rules. These rules can be user defined, mandated by regulations or driven by compliance. TeraCheck can check legacy or archived documents using text and pattern matching or geographic location rules on forms based on rules established by the customer, in-line policy directives and or host application stop lists. TeraCheck reviews stored or archived documents as well as incoming and outgoing documents using text and pattern matching.


Provides reviewers with a complete view of a documents contents including metadata with manual tagging options and on-demand sharing of approved content. With TeraView users are presented with an intermediate format that allows for manual inspection of complex file formats. This allows users to view hidden images or text so that pictures on top of pictures or white text on white backgrounds are exposed for review prior to release.


Automatically applies established rules to all documents prior to release. It also provides on-demand redacted originals tailored by the tags and classification rules. TeraClean releases multiple versions of a single document to multiple users based on the established rules and the users access level or need to know.


Logs user activity including the checking, tagging, and selective sharing of documents for every tagging field. TeraAudit services include tracking of all administrative activity and it can provide a full trace of document processing, checking, viewing, labeling, and content release. It also provides an in-context report of all tagging, and release/removal of tagged content.


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