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Flexible Delivery

The TeraDactor can be deployed into any corporate environment through direct on-premise enterprise server installation, as part of third part enterprise application with the TeraDactor white labeled as an OEM solution or as a hosted service from a cloud. TeraDact on Premises

TeraDact on Premises

The TeraDactor Enterprise Server can be licensed with a seats and server model and run on any number of on-premise servers. With this model, the corporation assumes full responsibility for the end to end security of their data and network infrastructure. As a result, they are assured that their sensitive data remains within their physical enterprise and under their control. Tagging, classifying and redacting of data occurs on premise within their security perimeter. Only information that is appropriately classified and approved actually leaves the enterprise.

TeraDact on Demand

The TeraDactor can also provide service on demand in a hosted configuration offering licenses based on seats or a metered usage model. For corporations the TeraDactor enterprise server can be run from the cloud on a dedicated server providing the same level of service. TeraDactor can also support smaller scale operations with multi-tenant business access to a hosted server. Finally, TeraDactor can provide lightweight services in direct online sales for small business and consumers for personal use..

TeraDact as an OEM Solution

The TeraDactor engine can also be white labeled and embedded in third party platforms as part of their OEM solution. The TeraDactor was developed with this option in mind so the engine and all GUI functionality are exposed through REST API. This design eliminated complexity and simplifies the integration of TeraDactor into any third party applications or security solutions.


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