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TeraDact’s patented data-centric software--the TeraDactor™--is the state-of-the-art answer for query, identification, tagging, redaction/extraction and the management of sensitive information. This includes securing information moving into or out of the enterprise from any device including mobile to mobile.

TeraDactor exposes all visible and hidden content to reviewers and automatic rules enable a collaborative review process where reviewers and recipients of reports receive only the appropriate document contents. 

TeraDactor's Universal Viewer embeds into any application and leaves all classifiers and their release conditions under the host application control while extending this control to every review mark.

TeraDact ensures that data output is managed by user defined rules. This allows information to be viewed in a tailored fashion according to individual access permissions. In order to customize these rules TeraDact uses intelligent agents (TeraCheck, TeraView, TeraClean and TeraAudit) to identify, define, and control the access limits for individual users or communities of interest.

Big Data

TeraDact's open architecture is designed to easily interface with deep semantic search and Big Data analytical tools (e.g., Digital Reasoning's Synthesis, Greenplum, Agilex's Phanero, etc.) to improve the intelligence of external knowledge bases. This powerful synergy provides an analytic capability that can quickly identify unseen trends and relationships buried in mountains of Big Data—thereby significantly increasing the value of that data and the intelligence of the knowledge bases they generate. The TeraDactor reduces potential human error as a point of failure and enables the delivery of the right information to the right people at the right time.


The TeraDactor has been designed to run in the cloud and to provide the same effectiveness and more efficiency than a hosted environment thereby allowing customers to reduce capital investment and receive services tailored to their unique needs. TeraDact is a Microsoft partner and can run in a Microsoft Azure hosted environment for cloud based provisioning. TeraDact is also an Amazon Web Services partner and can provision custom instances in AWS for small, medium or large businesses.


TeraDact is ideally suited to help organizations manage their most sensitive information within the enterprise and extended to its mobile clients. For those customers who understand the value of their information and operate in environments where corporate content must be tightly controlled, TeraDact integrate with their existing mobile device management solution enhancing the user experience by adding granularity to their mobile access to corporate data.


The TeraDactor integrates seamlessly into any host applications without interfering with existing workflow processes, identity management or existing classification and security architecture allowing for more granular sharing of information within a document while simultaneously allowing full audit of all actions.


TeraDact has been awarded five patents on its intellectual properties and the core technologies that make the TeraDactor unique. Most noteworthy are patents that protect how the TeraDactor seamlessly integrates into existing applications and workflows, how it controls applications and the TeraDactor’s ability to audit changes made to a document. The TeraDactor records who made changes, what they did and when they did it.


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