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WebAutomator: Simplified Development of New Web Processes

To facilitate the integration of ever-changing web content into business processes, TeraDact provides WebAutomator  Part of the enterprise-class TeraDact software development platform WebAutomator enables users to design, implement, and deploy new information integration and extraction capabilities that:

  • Take maximum advantage of information and functionality already available through web sites and web-enabled systems
  • Integrate data across boundaries of organizations and information stakeholders

The ideal tool for creating new business processes using information and functionality through web-enabled interfaces or web sites, this tool creates processes that automatically query, extract, analyze, update, or publish information from existing Internet sites or web-enabled systems. 

The resulting automated processes run on their own with the built-in WebAutomator server, or can be exposed as web services in a service-oriented architecture.

WebAutomator allows IT staff to quickly implement new functionality using existing Internet sources and web-enabled systems to:

  • Automate manual query, update, and decision-making procedures that rely on Internet or web-enabled data sources
  • Vastly increase the speed of gathering information that supports critical decisions
  • Is easy to modify and adapt to changes in data sources or availability of new sources
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