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TeraDact Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in a HUB zone in Missoula, Montana, with offices in Washington, DC, and Edmonton, Alberta.

TeraDact's patented information management technology identifies, tags with classifiers and removes information either manually or automatically according to user-defined rules. This includes data residing in the cloud, unstructured data, freeform text within documents and underlying metadata.

TeraDact Solutions' software offers a robust alternative for secure information sharing in a world of ever-increasing compliance and privacy concerns. With its signature Information Identification & Presentation (IIaP™) capabilities, TeraDact's tools provide the user with a safe information sharing environment. Teradactor™ software efficiently checks, versions and releases sensitive documents to a multi-level access audience. TeraDact also has a robust audit function that provides access control and logging, thereby ensuring compliance and rapid accountability when breaches occur. Flexible deployment options, high scalability, reduction of manpower and storage costs make TeraDactor an attractive solution to private and public sector customers.

TeraDactor WebAutomator Celware
Information extraction & document redaction.

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Mine and extract data from Web sources.

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Integrate legacy data;
create new processes.

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